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Helpful ideas on how to avoid expensive repair charges for your garage doors. Search for tips in the list below. These posts will put a stop to intrusions from your garage door and will give a great idea on what's the best way to maintain new and old doors.

A Broken Spring Is a Serious BusinessA Broken Spring Is a Serious Business

For safety reasons, it is essential for every garage door owner to know how the torsion spring system works. This component is installed over a shaft which sits above the door. During installation, it is wound to hold enough force to counterbalance the door. In fact, the spring’s size is specifically chosen to match the unit. When the door is opened, the spring releases the force to lift it. What happens when the spring gets broken?

The first sign of trouble is a loud bang which you will most certainly hear if you are at home. If you try to open the door with the opener, you will hear the motor running, but the door wouldn’t move. You simply need to look up to check the spring. If it is in two pieces, then it will need replacement. There are two precautions required at this point. Firstly, you must not attempt to open the door either with the opener or by hand as the problem would certainly get worse. Secondly, you should keep in mind that spring replacement is not a DIY job as there is a considerable safety risk involved.

Spot Your Garage Door Issue with the Opener

There is a simple series of steps for identifying the cause of the problem when the opener doesn’t work as it’s supposed to. If you press the button of the remote, but the motor doesn’t start, try opening the door with one of the other controls. If they work just fine, the issue must be with the clicker. It will require battery changing, repair or replacement. If none of the controls work and the motor is silent, then it may not be getting power. The power outlet, the wiring and the circuit board should be checked and fixed or replaced. If these components work fine, the motor must be causing the problem.

When the motor does work, but makes strange noise and doesn’t lift the door, it most probably has a broken moving gear. The problem will be eliminated completely when the component is replaced. If the motor runs without a glitch as usual, but the door stays in place, there are two possible causes to the problem. One of them is a broken spring as explained earlier and the other one is a broken trolley. In either case, the broken part must be replaced.

When the Tracks Are to Blame

If the garage door is jammed, the issue is most likely with the tracks. Due to the design of these components, pebbles tend to get stuck inside them from time to time. The obstruction is easy to remove by hand when the door is fully opened and the opener has been disconnected for safety reasons. The obstruction could be caused by a mixture of dirt, debris and grease. Mild solvent or brake cleaner will work well to remove the accumulation. In the future, when you provide lubrication maintenance, you must remember to use only light household oil or a similar product which doesn’t get sticky.

If the door is jammed because one of the tracks is bent, the component should be repaired without delay. In many cases, a bent track can be properly straightened. If the bending is too great and the component is close to breaking, however, replacement will be the only solution. Generally, thicker tracks are less likely to get bent or broken. This is an important thing to keep in mind when buying a garage door. 

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