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  • Are there openers without sensors?

    The garage door openers manufactured prior to the 1993 laws are without sensors. For safety reasons and in order to comply with the new legislation, manufacturers and Garage Door Repair Rancho Cucamonga plea to consumers to replace such old openers for their own safety. All new openers include timers, safety sensors and reverse mechanisms.

  • Why are roll ups good for small spaces?

    A roll up garage door doesn't occupy much space in the garage. It doesn't need a big ceiling or space for tracks at the sides like sectional doors. The panel will just roll up and won't be in your way at all.

  • What are the DOs in cleaning my garage door?

    As part of your own maintenance, there are reminders when cleaning the garage door. If you choose to use a soap solution, remember to use a mild detergent made from a cup of detergent dissolved in 19 liters of warm water. Make sure to clean behind the weather-strips on both the top as well as the sides of the door. Dislodge caked particles on the surface using your bare hands. Wipe the surface using a grit-free, sift cloth, chamois or sponge and dry the door with a chamois that is clean and damp.

  • My garage door has frozen shut, how can I get it to open?

    Icy weather can occasionally catch us unaware. Doors being frozen shut is usually caused when water leaks under the bottom seal and then freezes. This can be easy to overcome using a source of heat such as a heat lamp or hairdryer to gently melt the ice. Once the ice has melted sufficiently to allow the door to open, remove any excess water and check the seal for any sign of damage to the seal. It is possible that the seal has been worn and a new seal may be needed to prevent water passing through.

  • Is it possible to open my garage door during a power outage?

    This can depend on the specific model of your garage door. Generally, you will be able to open a garage door using the emergency release inside the door. This is a red cord which is hung above the overhead opener. When the door is completely closed, pulling the cord will release the garage door to allow manual operation.  Unless your garage door has an emergency release lock, you will probably be unable to open the door from outside.

  • How long will a new garage door opener last?

    New garage door openers can have a lifespan of between ten and twenty years. This can depend on the specific model and how frequently it is used. Proper maintenance can prolong the lifespan of some models to up to twenty five years. However, the technology of garage door openers is continually being developed, so you may find that as your system ages, repair and replacement parts costs may become prohibitive, forcing an early replacement.

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